LUGIA: its pokedex entry says it is guardian of the seas. This is definetly tied in first place with mew as my favorite pokemon. Lugia is the only legendary pokemon that can actually breed to. Its first appearance was in the pokemon movie: the power of one. Its shiny form is red and pink instead of blue with its white body. It's only found on the night of a storm and very few people have seen it. This pokemon is a physic and flying type. The design of this pokemon is to look that of a bird or dragon. The legend says that it is the leader of the legendary bird trio. The bird trio was going to destroy the earth it self, but lugia rose to quel the fighting. I would have to say that you should go to a youtube Chanell if you want to hear more explanation. Oh yeah, also lugia is in the category of the best legendary pokemon. My favorite song in all of the pokemon movies, anime, and the video games is lugias main theme called lugia's song. Go to youtube and type lugia's song remix.