This is Mewtwo, what looks to be like an older version of Mew.

Born in a laboratory, Mewtwo was the first of many experiments to be successful. He is very strong and can almost beat Mew himself. He is a copy of Mew, so he has his exact abilities. He is a version of Mew that is more intelligent, but Mew still has a little edge on Mewtwo. He was one of the main characters in the first ever pokemon movie, "Mewtwo Strikes Back." The scientists at a laboratory, on an island, were trying to make copies of pokemon, and when Mewtwo was complete, he was their first sucess. However, they were not aware of all pf his intelligence and he took destroyed the base he was born in and made it his base in "Mewtwo Strikes Back." He can do what Mew does and he can control and manipulate people and pokemons minds. He does this on "Mewtwo Strikes Back." When he controls Nurse Joy and used her so he could get the best trainers to the island. He fails later when Mew saves them in an all out brawl with Mewtwo.