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Hello poke fans and welcome to the pokemon experts! Hope you have fun and get to learn a bunch about pokemon! You can add and make us even better experts if you like. We are brand new so add what you like. I'm Nitrodax just incase you didn't know. We already have about 10 experts so join our wiki if you like! Don't be afraid to scroll down and look at our categories. Our goal is to be able to search us up and get us as a result and be one of the most famous Wikis on Wikia so we all can pitch in and accomplish this goal as a team so let's have some fun as a team!


We are here to bring you knowledge about pokemon and show you that there is more to pokemon than meets the eye. If you know a bunch about pokemon you can add pages and categories too if you like. We are open to new ways to get better and succeed. So have a great time here at the Pokemon experts!


We are in need of some new staff members to help out with editing and new pages so just give me a message and I will give you admin. If you contribute more I will give you rollback.

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Here, you can check out the new things on our fast growing wiki. Don't be afraid to add anything yourself as long as its appropriate, true, and has to do with pokemon.

Here on Pokemon experts, we talk about cards, fan photos, and pokemon themselves.


Here is when you meet Giratina in pokemon Platinum